Boho Love Shawl

Boho Love Shawl

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The "Boho Love Shawl" embodies the essence of modern bohemian chic, inviting knitters of all levels to embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression. Designed for ease and comfort, this enchanting shawl pattern utilizes US size 17 knitting needles, creating oversized stitches that flow effortlessly as they blend two strands of plush, bulky-weight yarn with a skein of exclusive Dreamcatcher Handspun yarn. From its humble beginnings as a cozy triangle to its transformation into a captivating rectangle adorned with intricate lace motifs, each stitch tells a story of love, warmth, and whimsy. With its forgiving nature and beginner-friendly approach, the "Boho Love Shawl" is more than just a pattern; it's an invitation to embrace individuality, creativity, and the joy of handmade beauty.

Skill Level: Beginner Knitting Pattern

Sizes: One Size

Languages Available: English


Required Yarn:

Melanated Boho Bae Handspun ArtYarn Category #6 Super Bulky

Yardage: Between 300 and 400 yards

Meterage: Between 274.32 and 365.76 meters

Needles: US 17.0 - 12 mm


8 stitches x 12 rows = 4 inches in stockinette