Q: When are your updates?

Please sign up for my newsletter or check my IG. for shop updates. I do not answer DM's or emails about shop updates. They as usually monthly but life can happen, so I don't want to offer hardcore dates

Q: Can I order custom yarn/handspun/batts?

Nope. I no longer do custom orders, no matter how large or small. Unless you already have an order with Fabledollhouse and are requesting doll hair to be made. Other than that I no longer do nay custom orders.

Q: I loved collection _____ , can I order more yarn/handspun/batts?

Nope. Once the collection is done, it is done. What I post on the day of the collection is what I have. It is possible that I can bring pieces back but I never bring back a full collection again to my website. That is why it is so important to buy what you want on opening day!

Q: Why does this yarn look different than yours in the picture?

I usually use SUPERWASH fibers and knit my samples on those. SW takes color in 100% in all of the super vibrant ways. If you order yarn that is a mix or just not superwash at all, it won't look the same. Nonsuperwash fibers are not chemically changed to take in that vibrant color. Yan that I offer as well as content, yardage and other info is always on the yarn page.