Bridgerton Wool Wash & Stitch Marker Bundle

Bridgerton Wool Wash & Stitch Marker Bundle

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Dearest Reader,

Are you ready to dive into scents that will transport you back into your favorite tv show while casting on your next project with these new amazing stitch markers? 

This bundle is for 3 wool washes, listed below and one set of the Bridgerton Stitch markers ( 6 markers). To get all 12 stitch markers, please buy both bundles. 

Bundle one: Viscount Anthony, Burn for you, Queen Charlotte's Ball + stitch markers

Bundle two: Bridgerton House, Audrey Hall, Morning Run + stitch markers

Introducing our gentle yet effective Wool Wash, meticulously crafted to pamper your delicate woolens with care. This 4 oz bottle is packed with natural goodness, featuring Castile soap, coconut oil, and lanolin to cleanse and nourish your fabrics, leaving them soft, supple, and smelling divine. Designed to preserve the integrity of your wool garments, our formula is gentle on fibers yet tough on stains, ensuring your cherished pieces stay vibrant and fresh for longer. Treat your woolens to the luxury they deserve with our fragrant and eco-friendly Wool Wash.


Viscount Anthony

Inspired by the steadfast Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, this wool wash captures his distinguished essence. Rustic notes of hand-pressed paper reflect his meticulous nature, while cozy ozone and hay evoke the serene English countryside. Earthy quill feathers and faint aged tobacco leaves add depth, and vintage waxed writing desks with black ink ground this fragrance in timeless elegance.

Top: Hand-Pressed Paper, Cozy Ozone, Hay

Heart: Earthy Quill Feathers, Faint Aged Tobacco Leaves

Base: Vintage Waxed Writing Desk, Black Ink

Burn For You

Introducing "I Burn for You," a scent inspired by the passionate declaration from "Bridgerton." This fragrance begins with a sensual sheer vanilla, evoking the depth of burning desire. The heart notes of night-blooming jasmine and earthy pollen add an alluring complexity, while the base of vanilla absolute, patchouli, and golden musk creates a lasting, intoxicating warmth. Perfect for those who seek a grown-up, sensual vanilla to captivate their senses.

Top: Sheer Vanilla, Midnight Air

Heart: Night Blooming Jasmine, Earthy Pollen

Base: Vanilla Absolute, Patchouli, Golden Musk

Queen Charlotte’s Ball

Inspired by the elegance and grandeur of Queen Charlotte's Ball, this fragrance opens with the illuminating zest of juicy grapefruit and the fresh allure of blooming jasmine petals. The heart reveals a regal bouquet of Damask rose, green stems, and ripe summer fruits, capturing the essence of opulence. A sensual base of vanilla bourbon, creamy musk, and soft woods adds depth and sophistication, perfect for a truly majestic experience.

Top: Juicy Grapefruit Zest, Blooming Jasmine Petals

Heart: Damask Rose, Green Stems, Summer Fruits

Base: Vanilla Bourbon, Creamy Musk, Soft Woods


Bridgerton House

Inspired by the luxurious mornings at Bridgerton House, this fragrance evokes the indulgence of a late breakfast in a sunlit atrium. Imagine savoring fresh raspberry macaroons, candied fruits, and sipping bergamot citrus tea. This scent captures the essence of elegance and decadence.

Top: Raspberry Macaroons, Bergamot Zest, Lemon Tea, Lime Zest

Heart: Alpine Violets, Green Stems, Blossoming Roses

Base: Creamy Vanilla Oat Milk, Fresh Cloves

Audrey Hall

Inspired by the serene beauty of Audrey Hall, the other Bridgerton estate, this fragrance captures the charm of a leisurely afternoon picnic. Sweet elderflowers and ripe strawberries lend their sweetness to the gentle breeze, mingling with the notes of black tea and surrounding wildflowers. A warm base of soft woods and golden amber grounds the scent in an elegant finish.

Top: Sweet Elderflower, Ripe Strawberries, Fresh Ozone

Heart: Black Tea, Wildflowers

Base: Soft Woods, Golden Amber

Morning Run

Inspired by the exhilarating morning ride shared by Kate and Anthony, this fragrance captures the essence of their first meeting. Brisk morning air and a cloud of mist greet you at sunrise, carrying earthy aromas of fresh tree sap and dewy moss. A lingering trail of chilled juniper bark, damp cashmere woods, and white musk adds a captivating finish to this invigorating scent.

Top: Brisk Morning Air, Thick Sunrise Mist, Dewy Leaves

Heart: Fresh Tree Sap, Damp Moss

Base: Chilled Juniper Bark, Damp Cashmere Woods, White Musk