Blogger. Artist. Knitwear Designer.

Blogger. Artist. Knitwear Designer.

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Amanda Solomon

As the founder and creative force behind ​this unique venture, I am excited to share ​my passion for textured yarn, handspun, ​modern boho knit patterns, and a lifestyle​ that's a blend of free-spirited fashion, se​lf-care, and wellness.

Modern Boho Inspired ​Knitwear Designer

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From drop spindle classes all ​the way to full knitting tutorials ​for some of my most popular ​pat​terns.


My online membership that is ​fulled with tons of classes, ​special shop updates and ​exculive​ discount codes!

Art batts are one of my most ​favorite things to make. You ​spin them just like any other ​wool. They are my favorite ​base f​or my art yarn spins

I love mixing modern trends ​with my boho chic style. My ​patterns are fun and ready for ​you to knit up and make your ​own​.

Textured Yarn Kits

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Em​ail: melanatedbohobae@gmail.com

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