Crafting Cupid's Magic: A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Craft Enthusiasts

crafter valentines day gift guide

As Valentine's Day draws near, there's a unique joy in finding a gift that resonates with the creative spirit within. Whether you're a passionate crafter yourself or looking for the perfect present for your artistic loved one, this Cozy Valentine's Day Gift Guide is tailored just for you. Dive into a world of artisanal delights, personalized kits, and crafting experiences that will warm the heart and spark the imagination. This year, celebrate the season of love by embracing the cozy and creative side of Valentine's Day. Let the crafting journey unfold!

After all, love knows no bounds, and that includes the love you show to yourself. As we navigate the whirlwind of the season, take a moment to indulge in the art of self-love. Treat yourself to a crafty delight from the guide, perhaps a soothing candle-making workshop or a DIY knitting kit. Spoil your creative soul and relish in the joy of crafting just for you. After all, self-love is the most beautiful form of love, and this holiday season is the perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of personal pampering. So, go ahead, spoil yourself this Valentine's Day; you've earned it!

Warm and Cozy

I love to snuggle up with a good cup of tea or hot chocolate. I usually have about 1 to 2 cups a day if i can. My favorite is Yorkshire Tea in all three of the flavors. Don’t sleep on the jam flavor, trust meee! I've included all of them in my guide and totally encourage you to just buy them so you can enjoy them with me too! I've also added a couple hot chocolates that I want to try too. I love a luxury hot chocolate or tea. Or maybe we should make our own french hot chocolate?! 

crafter gift guide

Other than tea, I love being warm! Have you seen the blanket hoodie hybrid? I have one and I love it. It is perfect for curling up and reading my kindle or playing my Switch. I've included one of those, socks, a heated blanket and a couple other things. There is just nothing like being warm and snuggled up

valentines gift gui

Chocolate and Board Games

Chocolate and snacks! I kind of can't keep them in the house. If I do…I eat them all in like a two or two. It is bad. Anyone else have that problem? Because of that i dont bring surgery snacks into the house often. But I love good packing and I love pink. So, there is no way I can pass up snagging some of these treats and enjoying myself. I've already tried the chocolate strawberry truffles and they are divine! Don't pass them up! 

Ok, so I love board games. I love the idea of when people come over, we just play board games. I’m a collector or sorts. I've added a couple games that I think would be great to have on hand. But they are more than just a regular roll of the dice and move 3 spots. I wanted something that wasn't going to cause an argument or doesn't need rules before you even begin. I think it is so nice to unwind, spend some time with loved ones and have your mind off of your craft. Especially if your craft is your business. I love what I do but I don't want to talk about it all the time! Games with a focus on something else is the perfect way to get away from that. 

Candles and Bedtime Scents

Candles! Scent! Once upon a time I was use to make them and almost want to get back into the practice of them. I've been seeing pins about making them within sea shells and I'm into it. But, we all know I love a good mermaid vibe. I always try to go into the candle section of Target and sniff a candle or two. There isn't one place I get my candles from either, since I love variety and whatever sparks my fancy. I've also included a candle warmer! I use one all the time and am going to buy another one soon. Maybe it will help me get through all these candles faster! 

On the Target list, I've listed my favorite bedtime scent. Yes, I am the girl that enjoys perfume during the day and one at night. Frenshe is the brand and I have so many of their products already. I’m not a fan of lavender, but something about this one is just addicting. It comes as an oil , lotion, bath bomb and a couple of other things as well. I've also included one of their discovery packs! I have a couple different scents from them, but hands down my favorite has been the purple one. 

Crafting Beyond The Norm

Last is crafting, weird right? I’ve added a few things in there that are different compared to the normal knitter, crochet, spinner vibes. Sometimes we just want a break from what we’ve been doing. Why not build a whole little cookie house?! Also, are you into planning or junk journaling? I've added a couple things to get you started. I love writing down my thoughts and ideas. I can't wait to collect more things to put in my hobonichi as well. 


I almost forgot to include my own yarn. Silly me! I have sweater quantities up for certain colors. I’ll list them below. Yes , I know they say they are sold out. Just add your email and you’ll be notified as soon as they restock. I'm ahead of the game a little bit here and will try my best to run them as interest runs up! If you have your eye on one of those colors, don’t hesitate. Sign up! It's free! 

Also, Group Project?!

Let's make mini cakes! Since I live alone I don't need a full two layer cake. I’d like one, but I sure don't need one. The solution is a mini cake. If you have a full family, don't listen to me. Make a full cake. But overall, let's bake a cake. I’m going to make a regular recipe and cut smaller circles from my sheet cake. Freezing the other layer if it comes out to two. Cake for now, cake for later. Please look up bento box cake if you are curious about these as much as I am. 

Should I youtube it? Blog it? Share it on instagram? All of the above?! 

I’d love for you to join me and bust out your sugar and butter so we can  bake together! It will be such a fun treat that we make and eat ourselves. What is better than that?


Amanda Solomon, the visionary behind Melanated Boho Bae, discovered her love for the fiber world while tending to sheep in the serene landscapes of the Catskills. 

Today, she is a dedicated full-time business owner, sharing her expertise in spinning, dyeing, and various fiber arts with enthusiasts worldwide. At Melanated Boho Bae, Amanda seamlessly combines her vibrant yarn creations with distinctive Boho-inspired knitwear designs. Her passion for colors and textures shines through, creating a unique blend of artistry and functionality in every piece. 

With a commitment to fostering creativity and inclusivity, Amanda continues to inspire and teach, inviting others to join her in the colorful journey of fiber exploration

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